Divertido Urban Jaunt
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Nov ‘11
Mo Masquerade
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Mar ‘10
Network @ The Aquatic Lounge
Networkataquaticedmontonweb_small Awe_small Beautylounge_small Divertido_small Edmontonavenue_small
Nov ‘09
Network on Nov 19 , 2009
Wordlyloungeweb_small Divertido Divertido Divertido Divertido
Sep ‘09
Network @ The Rock "Lounge"
Networkrock_small Edmontonrockdivertido-29_small Edmontonrockdivertido-35_small Edmontonrockdivertido-13_small Edmontonrockdivertido-9_small
Apr ‘09
Network @ The Latte "Lounge"
Latte_lounge_small Img_1171_small Img_1032_small Img_1042_small Img_1037_small
Jan ‘09
The "Bubble" Lounge (A New Series)
Bubblelounge2_small Bubble_003_small Bubble_005_small Bubble_004_small Bubble_007_small
Oct ‘08
Live Like A Vip
Armstrong_web_small Divertidooct08-3_small Divertidooct08-4_small Divertidooct08-5_small Divertidooct08-7_small
May ‘10
Pink Tie Gala
Pinktie_small Pinktie_small Img_4680_small _mg_8110_small 025_studio-e
Jan ‘10
Network @ The Cine Lounge
Gentlemenpreferblondeslow_small D3_small D2_small D1_small D5_small
Oct ‘09
Network @ The Carnival Lounge
Edmontoncarnival_small Divertido__10__small Divertido__203__small Divertido__195__small Divertido__199__small
Jun ‘09
Network @ The Eco "Lounge"
Ecolounge_small Divertido_carbon_web-20_small Divertido_carbon_web-14_small Divertido_carbon_web-2_small Divertido_carbon_web-4_small
Mar ‘09
Network @ The Pop-Art "Lounge"
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Nov ‘08
Play Like A VIP
Previewcrop_rougeloungead_small 2_small 1_small 3_small 4_small
Sep ‘08
Drive Like A VIP - Divertido Launch Event
Divertidolaunch_small Divertidolaunch-3_small Divertidolaunch-1_small Divertidolaunch-2_small Divertidolaunch-4_small